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ZSK Jumbo Slim Line II

£828.00 £690.00

Clamp difficult items such as velcro, zippers, and heavy seams with ease.

HoopTech have been able to modify their extremely successful line of industrial clamping systems, and adapt this new model for the PR655 and PR670e.

The new low profile units slide into place and attach easily, providing the capability of clamping backing and garment together in an instant.

Use to clamp over heavy seams, zippers, velcro and other difficult items with this easy to use clamping base. Just flip the lever and it's clamped!

Bundle includes:
ZSK Chassis large including brackets
1x 12" x 5" window set
1x 8" x 5" window set

Compatible with ZSK RACER and SPRINT series

*Please note that this is not a genuine ZSK frame. Users are advised to use the trace function to ensure the machine will not hit the frame whilst running.