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HoopMaster Starter Kit

HoopMaster Starter Kit

Start your hooping technique the right way.

Load yourself with the HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® starter pack to get yourself off to a running start when hooping your garments. With everything you will need to start you off, the starter pack is excellent investment to your production system.

The HoopMaster Magnetic Mighty Hoop® will allow you to hoop garments on the right place time & time again with ease and quickness of the magnetic frames.

Advantages of the HoopMaster Mighty Hoop®:

  • No more adjusting of frames, the frame automatically suits to all kinds of material
  • Hardly any stress for your arms and hands, since magnets in the frames attract themselves
  • Button, zippers and other applications on textiles can be clamped without any problem
  • No remaining clamp marks on sensitive textiles
  • You save a lot of time and increase productivity 

HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® Package includes:

  • Hoopmaster Station - Standard Size
  • Free Style Base
  • T-Square
  • 1 x Mighty Hoop frame of your choice (4.25", 5.5" or 7.25")
  • 1 x Suitable Mighty Hoop Fixture
  • 1 set of connector arms. Please select which machine you require your starter pack for before checkout.