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How often do I need to service my Brother embroidery machine?

Created by Michael Woodward Jan 28, 2019 09:51:09 AM Published in Brother related FAQ's 4505 Views.

We recommend the Brother embroidery machines are serviced after every 1500 hours worked. 

Your machine will need to come into our warehouse at Leeds, as the service is a full 8-hour job, which includes the change of your motor, idle pulley and idle pulley shaft.

Regular oiling of the machine and keeping function areas, such as the hook and underneath the tension points, will keep your machine running at its full potential until you require your main service.

We also offer a free video tutorial for a mini 500-hour service, which can be completed yourself at your own premises with all of our machine purchases.

You can book your machine in with us by calling 0113 242 9378.