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Mowbray Sports

A ZSK 6 head industrial embroidery machine at Mowbray Sports & Corporate Clothing

An interview with Geoff Hemmerman, Director

Please tell us a bit about your business

For many years we have been involved with sports and persevered using various suppliers for team clothing. In 2010 we decided that we had had enough of suppliers letting us down by not getting deliveries to us on time and discontinuing garments, everything that makes life difficult for a sports club.

So we said “I am sure we can do this ourselves” and so started Mowbray Sports and Corporate Clothing Ltd. We started with one commercial Brother machine in the dining room which quickly grew to three.

By August 2011 we moved into the current premises and purchased a ZSK Sprint single head machine, bringing our total to 4 machines. We then purchased 4 head ZSK then an 8 head then another 4 head and now a 6 head.

Having the 4 multi head machines allows great flexibility for the smaller jobs yet gives us capacity for our contract embroidery.

What is the latest embroidery machine you bought from us, and when did you buy it?

At the start of this year 2019 we added 6 head ZSK industrial machine.

Why did you choose this embroidery machine?

We know from our other machines that the ZSK is reliable and built to last and always offer good value for money

What are the main advantages of this machine?

It has added more flexibility to our growing range of machines and the size fits well into our workshop

How has it benefited your business?

Adding the fourth machine ensures we can run 4 different jobs at the same time while also increasing our capacity for the bigger quantities and contract embroidery

What sort of work do you use the machine for?

We carry a large amount of work for many sports teams including lots of ice hockey teams, from club regional and Great Britain supplying and embroidering everything from polo shirts to tracksuits and large logo hoodies. We also supply workwear and undertake a considerable amount of contract embroidery for sports shops, workwear and school wear suppliers.

What would your advice be to others thinking of buying an embroidery machine?

Seriously consider the market that you want to be involved in. If its small one off jobs you may well be fine with a single head commercial machine, if you have ambition to grow think carefully about the premises you have to set the machine or machines up in, and think about who you are competing against. It’s a great business to be in but it’s very, very competitive and you need to understand what is involved with digitising and the costs involved with converting artwork and images, and don’t forget the considerable cost of embroidery consumables that you will use.

I wish anyone considering a future in embroidery all the best and don’t believe you will find anywhere better than Stocks to help get you started and support you while you grow.

What was your experience like working with Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd?

In the 9 or so years we have been involved with Stocks, they have always been very reliable and supportive in every dealing we have had with them, be it buying a new machine, service and engineer support or consumables purchase.

Would you recommend Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd?

I would highly recommend anyone considering embroidery as a business or looking to add a machine to their current business to contact Andrew at Stocks. He has a wealth of knowledge and will help guide you through the whole process. He, along with the rest of the staff, could not be more helpful and friendly. 5 stars for sure.