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Customer Success

We love hearing back from customers about their success stories, and how we have made a difference within their business. See articles below, courtesy of Images Magazine, with real success stories from real customers.

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MPS Workwear

"The latest machine is a ZSK six-head delivered at the beginning of February 2019. We had already purchased two single-head and one twin-head ZSK machines that replaced our original SWF single-head machines..." See more...

Pictured: Joel Dear with the ZSK Racer in MPS's (nearly finished) new unit.

Coniston Corporate UK

"Our previous machines were made by Brother, but once they had stopped making them we had to look at other options. We looked at a few makes, some that were made in China, but we decided that the German-made ZSK, although not the cheapest, would be better value for money in the long term..." See more...

Pictured: Paul Reilly, Managing Director at Coniston Corporate UK, with their ZSK four-head embroidery machine.

Innovation Schoolwear

"With 50 years of schoolwear wholesaling behind us, Innovation Schoolwear supplies quality school uniform with excellent stock availability and at competitive prices. We also offer a comprehensive embroidery and printing service on quick turnarounds...See more...

Pictured: The new ZSK RACER 8S multi-head embroidery machine at Innovation Schoolwear.

Mowbray Sports & Corporate Clothing

"By August 2011 we moved into the current premises and purchased a ZSK Sprint single head machine, bringing our total to 4 machines. We then purchased 4 head ZSK then an 8 head then another 4 head and now a 6 head..." See more...

Pictured: A ZSK 6-head industrial embroidery machine at Mowbray Sports & Corporate Clothing