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What's The Difference Between Our Industrial and Commercial Embroidery Machines?

What's The Difference Between Our Industrial and Commercial Embroidery Machines?

Industrial and commercial embroidery machines are very similar in a number of ways, they're both built to withstand heavy amounts of use, and recently we are seeing more and more multi-head machines enter the market.

But are there any real differences between industrial and commercial embroidery machines? In our latest article, we take a closer look at this question by comparing two of our most popular models in each section, whilst also giving a more general overview of what industrial and commercial embroidery machines actually are.

What Are Industrial and Commercial Embroidery Machines?

All of the industrial and commercial embroidery machines that we stock are built for continuous production, meaning they are more than capable of being run for long periods of time day after day. This means that they're both an ideal solution for any business that needs to embroider products on a consistent basis all year round.

Thanks to the vast majority of new commercial and industrial embroidery machines coming armed with multiple needles and heads these days, this means that they are capable of outputting a number of colours extremely quickly, saving your business precious production time.

These differ massively from home embroidery machines, as this type of equipment simply cannot withstand the amount of stress that an industrial or commercial embroidery machine can on a day to day basis.


Comparing ZSK Racer 6S & Brother PR670e

To give you a better feel for the main differences between industrial and commercial embroidery machinery, we have compared some of the main specs between the industrial ZEK Racer 6S and commercial Brother PR670e embroidery machines.


Brother PR670e Embroidery Machine

The Brother range of embroidery machines have gained a reputation for intuitive features over the years, giving users access to fast and accurate embroidery solutions. Best suited to new or small businesses, the Brother PR670e can produce up to 1000 stitches per minute, so you can rest assured you will get through any orders with ease.

Boasting a wide-angle, HD LCD display, this embroidery machine gives the user perfect clarity on the type of product they will create before even starting. This particular model comes with six needles, so you can create designs with up to 6 different colours without needing to change threads. For ease of use, an LED pointer shows the exact position of the needle drop, allowing you to accurately position your needle in a matter of moments.

This particular machine is versatile and can comfortably embroidery everything from personalised sports and workwear, right through to accessories such as hats.

An overview of the main features for this machine are:

-          Six needles

-          Utilise six colours at once

-          Embroidery speed of 1,000 stitches/min

-          Best suited to business hour usage

-          Suitable for most types of garments


ZSK Racer 6S

Ideal for even the busiest of industrial settings, the ZSK Racer 6S is an ideal solution for businesses who require accurate and quick embroidery. Boasting six embroidery heads, each with 12 needles, the Racer 6S is capable of embroidering a wide range of garments, with a proven track record of enabling businesses to hit order targets with absolute ease.

Coming armed with an automatic thread cutter, along with a number of other special features to ensure efficiency in every way, and even comes with an integrated design editor so your business can easily see how the design will look prior to embroidering.

It's clear to see that this machine is most definitely suited to those that are making high volumes of one item, whereas the Brother commercial series are more focused on low volume, commercial orders.

An overview of the main features for this machine are:

-          12 needles/colours per head

-          Embroidery speed of 1,000 stitches/min

-          Capable of working 24/7

-          Storage for around 80 million stitches

-          Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes

Embroidery Machine

So, What's The Difference?

On the face of it, it can be quite difficult to see what the actual differences are between commercial and industrial machines, although there are some key differences that should be noted.

Whilst the output of each of these machines is extremely similar, there is one notable difference between industrial and commercial embroidery machines. The ZSK range is substantially larger in size and is obviously best suited to an industrial setting. The added benefit of industrial embroidery machines is that they are more than capable of working 24/7, producing an almost countless number of products.

Commercial embroidery machines are significantly smaller in size, and therefore best suited to the commercial setting. The Brother range of machines come armed with all sorts of technology, including a high-resolution IPS LCD touchscreen, so you are able to edit your embroidery on-screen with absolute ease. These machines are ideal for smaller runs, as the level of customisability offered by commercial embroidery machines is clear for all to see.


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