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  1. Upcycling Clothes: Ideas for Start-up Businesses

    Upcycling Clothes: Ideas for Start-up Businesses Upcycling is a fantastic concept for those who are eco-conscious. Our planet is suffering from the amount of waste we create, and upcycling businesses are the sewing and embroidery industries’ way of working against waste. On the other hand, upcycling businesses face a lot of hardships and difficulties that other product lines will not have to Read more...
  2. Best Branding Techniques for Embroiderers – T-SHIRTS

    Best Branding Techniques for Embroiderers – T-SHIRTS As a professional embroiderer, you might be producing your own branded products, working as an embroidering agency for a range of brands, or perhaps a bit of both. If you or a client’s business depends on the success and recognition of a logo, then you need to consider the tips and tricks to getting designs recommended. If you work as an agency Read more...
  3. Understanding Fabric: Baseball Caps

    Understanding Fabric: Baseball Caps The baseball cap is a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe for one reason or another – they protect people of all ages from the sun, caps bought abroad remind us of holidays, and others wear them to make a fashion statement. They are an item of clothing that complements an everyday look, and a must-have on your toolbelt of services as an Read more...
  4. Understanding Fabric: Leather

    Understanding Fabric: Leather Compared to many fabrics, such as cotton and polyester, leather is quite an expensive product. As such, you might be unlikely to be using leather in your business unless you’re a specialist in this material or looking to elevate the status of your products. An embossed logo crafted in leather, for example, may raise the value of your new line of Read more...
  5. A Calendar of Sewing Events for 2020

    A Calendar of Sewing Events for 2020 A successful and growing business will be able to balance running their organisation’s day-to-day duties alongside attending (or even hosting) events that will strengthen technical skills, knowledge and bonds with important figures in your industry. We’ve collated a list of the most important industrial sewing events for you to attend in 2020 Read more...
  6. Understanding Fabric: T-Shirts | Embroidery Machinery

    Understanding Fabric: T-Shirts | Embroidery Machinery We all have a t-shirt in our wardrobe somewhere – with jeans they suggest a casual look, but a pair of nice trousers can quickly elevate the look to one of a sophisticated golfer. Outside of the home, t-shirts are also used in the workplace as uniforms in various occupations, from the office to construction sites. If your company creates or Read more...
  7. What is the IoT and How Will It Affect Embroidery Machines?

    What is the IoT and How Will It Affect Embroidery Machines?

    Business is all about staying ahead of the curve, and the next curve is deemed to be the Internet of Things (IoT). If you haven’t yet heard about the IoT then this is your chance to better understand the steadily approaching future of business and manufacturing.


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